Thursday, February 13, 2020

late August and September, Caspian Terns

late August and September, Caspian Terns,

Bathing waxwings

Sept 22,  common murre, in the bay

Sept 16, Vinalhaven, great Egret

Schooner and Owl's Head

Ashore at Little Garden island

Caspian tern September 15,  off Roberts Island.

We followed it to Channel Rock where there were three or four more

four Caspian terns Channel Rock

Great Cormorant


Aug 22, trip to Brimstone ledge Swan's Island

Brimstone ledge, this colony had not been abandoned as of this date though these young cormorants were still vulnerable and would be for some time yet.

there were some double crested fledglings mixed in.

Abandoned double crested cormorant nests on Southern Mark Island

Golden rod on Southern Mark

young Great Cormorant

Aug 15-16..21.

Aug 15-16..21.

Canada geese, an expanding presence among these islands

Star Fisher, Seal Island

 Money Love and Dreams,

Abandoned cormorant colony Green ledge, Vinalhaven

Double-crested cormorant Wooden Ball

Greater shearwater

Puffins billing and bystanding

Puffin billing attracts some interest, among others.

this years young bald eagle, otter island

young guillemot and two young black-backed gulls

tern roosting on the head of albatross statue

this years Black-backed gull

Bill and Glen

Bill and Glen

Bill and Glen, SW Cove  Seal Island

August 14, Murres in the bay

August 14,


I wondered if this non breeding plumage bird might be one of the few new murre who have fledged off Matinicus Rock during the last few years, but the bill looks long, which I have read is a good indication.

Quite a few Puffins ashore at Seal Island

another felonius skua,

A load of trash coming off Roberts Island, Heron Neck Light beyond