Friday, April 25, 2014

Boat rides from Vinalhaven aboard Skua

Come to Vinalhaven and go for a boat ride to see some of the adjacent islands and the wildlife there, these are some rare habitats and Vinalhaven has good access to them. I take folk out on a comfortable 36'  10 knot, lobster boat, (Jarvis Newman) "Skua" (See below), I can carry six passengers and one crew.

Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge is about an hour away and there is a lot to see there the trip takes about 3 and a half hours, at $90/hour, $315.
 If you are more interested in riding around Vinalhaven or Isle au Haut, Lighthouses, or something else we can customize a trip to suit your interests.
John Drury
P.O. Box 267
Vinalhaven, ME 04863
Phone: (207) 596-1841 (Green's Island) May-October,
Phone: (207) 863-4962 (Vinalhaven) November- mid April
E-Mail:, checked infrequently during summertime, best to call in summer,  is the address of a page on the Vinalhaven chamber of commerce website that has more information, and Photos that I will be moving to this page here eventually. 
Greater shearwater over calm sea. 
Wilson's Petrels
Great Cormorants 
Razorbill and Murre

Black Guillemot and red rock eel, rock gunnel
Puffins, Seal Island

Red-billed Tropicbird, Seal Island
Skua, Islands and Camden hills beyond , (from Seal Island, Kiah Walker photo)