Friday, June 9, 2017

June 4, Great Cormorant Survey,

June 4, trip to Jericho Bay to look for Great Cormorants.

 An Adult great Cormorant and some eider on Diamond Rock,

 Saddleback Ledge
 Saddleback seals
 Eider, young great Cormorant and double crested cormorants, 1st lieutenant.

 Raven nest,  Sw cove Isle au Haut
 herring gull
the incredibly capable Black Guillemot, off Great Spoon Island.

 there are hundreds of guillemots around these islands in the spring,  relatively few of whom choose to try to raise young during any given year.
 young eagle over Great Spoon
 young eagle flying over older eagle on the high ground on the high ground formerly know as Herring Gull Hill, Great Spoon Island.

 Crow on Little Spoon Island
three eagles,  on the Western Cow Pen,  the two young were the darkest I have seen, I thought they might be bear cubs at first.

 Hockomock head Swans Island

Iwent by Brimstone ledge there were no cormorant nests there, this Photo was late last August,
note the adult eagle and the empty cormorant nests.
There were about 40 Great Cormorants at four sites last year. this site had 6 nests,  I thought that perhaps this small group had moved over to Southern Mark and joined what had been 8 nests at that site last year.  The trajectory of the population has been down for 25 years and that continued, significantly with the loss of a site, on quarter of the nesting colonies of this species in the U.S.

 there were a large band of Common terns on Three bush Island off Marshall

 long skinny fish, sandlance?
 Black-backed gull
 Three Bush with terns Marshall Island beyond,

Southern Mark east side,
 thee were 11 great Cormorant nests here,  see one adult displaying

that makes a total for the year of 38 nests at three sites.

Southern Mark seals: there are hundreds of seals everywhere.
must be  climate change.

 two adult displaying in this photo perhaps these individuals were from the Brimstone gang and the change in venue set them back in time, or perhaps they are young adults or unpaired birds, potentially due to uneven sex ratio in this small population.
 fishhawk in Seal trap split Head Isle au Haut.
 Split head
 great Cormorant

 What an elegant fowl
 I saw this red-throated Loon as I approached Brimstone again

 Eiders across from Little Diamond Rock,
 Four eider, and four Harlequin Little Brimstone. I saw none others over the coarse of the day which I spent in the midst of the harlequins wintering grounds.
 Both eyes of eagle on Otter Island.
 new fowls in the area, Canada geese on Little Roberts.
 four of the five Great Cormorant nests, visible from a boat, on Little Roberts' Island.
common Loon