Wednesday, August 17, 2016

July 15, Southern Mark Island, posted Nov. 11

July 15,  (posted Nov 11 2016, first armistice day after the death of truth.)

 I counted 8 great Cormorant nests at this site, a total of 43, there were 40 counted last year,
There were 260 nests counted in 1992

you can see large young in some of the nests.

July 11, ride to Seal Island, posted Aug 17.

A few pictures from the July 11 trip to Seal Island.
Herring gull with tern chick.

Great Cormorants on SW cove, many downy young.

The Red-billed tropic bird was there.

Great Cormorants and eider at Eastern Ledge.

Eider and Harlequin little Roberts

Young Bald eagle on Otter Island.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

July 9, '16 to Seal Island, some photos, posted Aug 14,

July 9, 016, trip to Seal Island some photos, posted Aug 14.

Puffin ashore on Seal Island,
Dowitcher, moving through,
Short-billed Dowitcher,
the Red-billed Tropic bird,
Flying around harassing terns less these days, has taken up with buoys,  not real faithful to color though very fond of Troy's, pictured here.
I heard it give a mewing call as it wooed this buoy.

We saw several greater shearwater, over near three fathom.

amongst the Eide this Harlequin was still at Little Brimstone.