Tuesday, February 28, 2023

aug 4- Sept 3, summer 2022 posted feb 28, 23

 Aug 4 to Sept 3,  summer 2022 posted Feb 28, '23

Grey Seals Squeaker Guzzle, 
True North,
procession of gannets, calm grey day

Star Fisher off  Flat ledges in the Eastern bite

Ruddy Turnstone Aug 5, Seal Island
Adult Peregrine on the back side of Seal Island, seen frequently during August, often roosting on the steep sea side
adult Peregrine, August 5th.
Big feet,  (large footed falcon)

Western breaker Grey Seal gang and cormorant colony, mostly great, bristling with large birds of the year.
Whimbrel,  August 5, Seal Island
SKUA!,   one of the few Felonius Skua, (aka. Arctic Skua; Parasitic Jaeger seen during summer 22, 

Small seal with pollock I think

and now there are geese, there is a resident gang of Geese in the reach, 
Geese are now nesting on many gull and eider nesting islands in the mid coast, where they had been absent.
Common tern, roosting on buoy near Vinalhaven
this years puffin likely raised on Seal Island,  August 12, 
two Red (aka Grey) Phalarope and 5 Red-necked (aka northern or needle-billed) Phalarope,  Aug 12
Two Red Phalarope 4 Red-necked Phalarope
Aug 12, 
Another fledgling Puffin,  August 12

August 12, Harlequin at Brimstone,  (hauled out its head is above the rock line just a meter for the water.
not on the way to Seal Island, this is from my bird bath collection
Adult Gannet, surfing,  Aug 13
calm summer sunday
Star Fisher
Laughing Gull of the year, Aug 27
Aug 27,  Puffin loaded with wee fishes, 
Guardians of the young great Cormorants, Coco and Elaine, on Island in part to keep Eagles off during long late chick stage for the Great Cormorants, this the last viable colony of this species in the Gulf of Maine
Island Girl III,  
This years Bonapartes Gull. they bred on fresh water and show up in the bay late summer, September 4
Kestrel,  Green's Island
Merlin take off Green's 
Tracy and Coco, two ocean migrant seabird researches and Bakers, below twin towers on Matinicus rock 

July 5 - aug 1, 2022, Vinalhaven to Seal Island, Posted feb 28, '23

Some more Photos from the bay 

Eider Hens and Ducklings, Seal Island
Arctic Tern, Seal Island
Grey seals, near Squeaker Guzzle Seal Island, 
July 10, Dowitchers Seal Island, and a couple and fledgling terns.
July 10, Razorbill, adult and chick
Arctic Tern,  short neck, long tail, all red bill, pale upper wing.

Arctic tern,   blood red bill.
Great Cormorant chicks, July 13,
Arctic tern,

Adult Arctic tern with a round winged fledgling behind.

Puffins exploring July 17, Seal Island

Arctic tern
Puffins in Murre cove Seal Island,   observer blinds ashore, Rocky habitat for puffin nesting sites.
Great Cormorant Murre Head Seal Island.
Arctic Tern
Razorbills and Great cormorant, and a herring gull
Eiders, and a Harlequin off Brimstone.

Double Crested and Great Cormorant
Coreys shearwater,    July 23

Black guillemot, and shadow
Black Guillemots
Rudy Turnstone
Wilson's Petrel,  August 1.