Friday, July 12, 2019

July 11, trips to Seal, PM Long-tailed Skua

July 11, trips to Seal, PM Long-tailed Skua

 Long-tailed skua, the first that I was sure of In Maine
a few miles Nw of Seal Island

luckily it landed and let us approach

Puffins and Seal Island
Hen Eider and her brood Seal Island

Arctic Terns, Seal Island
Blue bells and trap, Otter Island
Blue Bells and orange lichen, red rumex
Mallard and her brood at the mouth of the harbor

headed for Mierda Lago?
2 Double-crested and a Great cormorant

flesh eating feathered lizard

July 10, Great cormorant chick, female wood duck in western bite of Seal Island,

July 10,
Hiram, loaded bait spear salute, and Robin
Mark Jackson aboard the Ruth
Common Tern
Common Tern

Puffins foraging? on the intertidal, Seal Island

Common Murre
 Great Cormorant chick being fed, in nest up on right, the white spot is the chicks cheek
Female wood duct the left of the left hand cormorant
Female wood duck in Western bite, Seal Island

July 9, Saddleback, Matinicus Rock, Wooden ball

July 9,  Saddleback, Matinicus Rock, Wooden ball
 Seals On Saddleback
 Puffin at Matinicus Rock


Razorbills and puffin

Double-crested Cormorants at Wooden Ball

July 8, Razorbill chicks, trip to Seal Island

July 8, trip to Seal island, Razorbill chicks

Razorbill adult and Chick
Comb Jelly torn open
The Great Cormorant on the Western head of Seal Island

male eider
Razorbill and chick

Gulls razorbill and terns