Friday, November 20, 2015

more from Sept 8, White sided Dolphins best for last

September 8,  White-sided dolphin experience continued, we rejoin our story, several miles beyond Crie Haven
posted Nov. 20,  I got distracted ... here are a few more
Dolphins, Shearwater, Crie Haven.

Dolphin and shearwater

young gannet and White-sided Dolphin.

Diving young gannet, rolling Dolpin.
young black-backed gull following along
that was fun to be with them for a while,

 cory's shearwaeter,

the birds were following the dolphins too.

Cory's shearwater, and gannet.

long and slower wings compared to the greater shearwater,  corys are bigger so greater are not greater in that sense so in that sense the corys is greater than the greater shearwater,

and speaking of greater, this is what we came out here for, to sea dolphins leaping, notice the lack of much wake pulled into the air, this was a smooth launch.

looks like a leaper landing, though not really landing.

cory's shearwater WS dolphin.


hatch year black-backed gull with greater and a cory's shearwater.

a couple of gannet wakes, not sure what that is in between.
shearing the water,
that was a leap too, looks like.
this is an altogether impressive organism,  nice work dolphins!

neither simple roll yet not quite a leap, not sure if there is a word for this,  also need words for the various paces at which they travel, the dolphinian equisivilant of trot, cantor, gallop.

this pattern... por que?
does there language have a past tense? do they have epic poetry?
 colors similar to those on Orcas

there it is,  nice hangtime amigo, though there is a bit dragwake,

Whoa, that was two leapers in two exposures, an over and under, this from the hip with 70 to 300 zoom at 70, even though I missed its head i am still going to count this one,  a fair amount of water aloft that will cost her with the judges.

another corys, an encory.

1:54 about an hour after we turned around we were between the northern end of the eleven mile ridge and Matinicus rock

we had seen a pomarine skua a few miles south west of Seal island on the way in and we saw this Arctic Skua a couple miles north of the island on the way in.
Arctic Skua,
 its a good day when you see those felonius skua out on the water, this was an especially nice day out there,  dolphins are a life altering experience.