Friday, December 30, 2016

Aug 3, 2016 trip offshore to the 11 mile ridge. 7 Procelaridae day,

August 3, trip to 11 mile ridge with stops at Seal Island and Matinicus Rock.

7 Procelaridae day,

posted late Dec, early January,

looking east

Porpoise,  Seal Island beyond
 We Saw the Tropic bird at Seal,

We saw a Manx shearwater between Seal Island and Matinicus Rock

 The team was some of the observers from Seal Island and Matinicus Rock,

 Greater shearwater
Cory's shearwater


Sooty shearwater

leaches petrel,  long wings forked tail,
Leach's Petrel, rarely seen around the islands they breed on.
Leach's Petrel.

arctic terns, adult and fledgeling.

We saw a couple of ocean sunfish,

Cory's shearwater and Leaches petrel

We saw this one light Fulmar,

Greater shearwater,

we did not find humbacked whales out there but we did see this Minke,

Wilson's Petrel, Keenan had some fishoil that lured in some wilsons petrel and greater shearwater

Wilson's petrel, it was still that day,

least sandpiper sometimes they forage on rafts of drifting seaweed

We saw a few sharks, not sure what make. We saw several large fish thrashing, could have been a kraken or something but was probably fish.

Northern, or red-necked, or needle billed Phalerope

Red Phalerope

a raft of greater shearwater off Matinicus Rock, not included in the numbers below as we saw these on the way in.

Matinicus Rock form the south, imagine there is no lighthouse, its easy if you try.

leave Green’s 06:00.
06:30 Wilson’s petrel, porpoise and Mackerel in the bay
7:04 Seal island, 7:17, leave seal,
6 Wilsons Petrel off Malcolm’s ledge, Cory’s shearwater, ½ mile east of Matinicus Rock,  Gannet imm. , Manx, 3 Cory’s.
 08:24, leave Mat Rock, head south towards the 11 mile ridge. @8knots.
10 Cory’s, 20 Greater shearwater, 3,Puffin, 10 wilsons petrel, 3 gannet.
All these birds are headed east.
TUNA, 08:44,  @7’ long and breaching.
08:55, 7 Cory’s,  13 Greater, 45 Wp, 1 Sooty, 2 Gannet, 1 Sunfish, 09:12,
4 razo? Puffin,
09:17, 10 porpoise, gull,  shark, 3 puffin,
Aug 3, 09:24,  over the 11 mile ridge,
Red-necked phalerope, 30, 9Puffin, heading south, 9, 1 Sooty, 15 Greater, 80 Wilsons Petrel,  2 Black-backed gull,  Seals, 20 one grey, 7 Leaches Petrel, 5 Cory’s, 1 Lagu,
4 Herring gull, 1 Turnstone,
10:19,  two thirds of the way down the ridge, east side of the 11 mile ridge.
2 Leaches, 25 Wilson’s, 3 Sooty,  5 Seal,  second Sunfish, #2, 3 common tern, 5 Cory’s, 6 Puffin headed out,   1 Fulmar, Minke whale,  4 Black-Backed gull, 10 Greater.
11:38,   8 leaches,  10 greater, 4 seals,  4, red phalerope, 4 cory’s, 8 puffin, 30 Wilsons petrel.
12:33 over gap southern end of ridge.
Totals Matinicus Rock, 08:24- gap at southern end of the 11 mile ridge 12:33:
 31 Cory’s shearwater, 70 Greater shearwater, 190 Wilsons peterel, 30 puffin, 4 razo ?, 5 gannet, 3 common tern, 1 fulmar, 5 sooty shearwater, 4 herring gull, 1 laughing gull, 6 black-backed gull, 30 red-necked phalerope, 4 red phalerope, 17 leaches Petrel,  30 harbor seals, one grey seal, 2 sunfish, 1 minke whale, 2 shark, several Tuna juming.

Aug 2, voyage of discovery

August 2, trip
Gulls driving young eagle at Otter Island,

Rudy Turnstone,

This years Great Cormorant at Otter Island

The Mighty Gweeka, sailing along at the helm of the Love Money Dreams, smooth and fast. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

A trip to Seal August 1,

August first 2016, to Seal Island,

Great Cormorant chicks at Little Roberts

The Bill and Glen,  in the western bite

Puffin, Seal Island

Great cormorant, Seal Island
Rudy turnstones, Seal Island

Turnstones and Hen Eider

 Hen Eiders and turnstone