Tuesday, July 6, 2021

late spring early summer 2021

 late spring early summer 2021


so here are some photos from boat rides to seal island mostly the order they appear in is haphazard

I see Razorbills, Great Cormorant, Arctic terns, Puffins, Black Guillemots, Common terns , Double-crested Cormorant, daily,  Murre most days, also Wilsons Petrels, gannets are becoming more frequent, I have seen just two sooty shearwater and one Manx, but expect more shearwaters before long, also Eider, Black-backed Gulls, Laughing Gulls and Herring Gulls, there has been a Peregrine at Seal Island.

The Red-billed Tropicbird has been out there,

 There have been a few Harlequin ducks at Brimstone.

Porpoise and Grey Seals every day, though the porpoise have been fairly few,

Great Cormorant and Herring Gull Seal Island
Great Cormorant nests Seal Island,
Cormorant nests Seal Island

Arctic Tern at Wooden ball
A Murre at Seal Island

 El SeƱor Tropical June 24th,  Red-billed Tropicbird Seal Island.
June 11, Seal island, El Pajaro Milagroso
June 11, Brimstone, male Harlequins
June 14th Seal Island, Peregrine

June 14, Peregrine
June 17th, Eider hens and ducklings
Eider pair and 3 male Harlequin, June 17th
I took a few days to go inland to Baxter,  my hiking buddies Flo and Troy on the table lands

We Hiked up Hamlin Ridge in the background
Loons up there, North that is 
The Great Norther Diver
Ok it looks as if we are back on the coast, it makes me wonder, why don't Gannets go fishing in fresh water, there was a greater shearwater on Rangely lake so I suspect there have been gannets on lakes but they seem to be great at not going inland.

Puffin Razorbills and eiders

Can you spot the bird in this one, bent white feather near the middle,
yup RBTB, June 5th

Comb Jelly,  Submersable electric blimp

Red-necked Phalerope, aka norther, or needle billed,  June 6

Harlequins June 8th, Brimstone

Parula singing to Lilac, this was not at Seal Island, 
May 24, red-necked Phalerope
Eagle over Otter Island nest.

May 16, Brant on Seal Island.
April 29, Roberts Island, Otter Island beyond, Eider headed ashore.

Friday, April 16, 2021

September 2020

 Some photos from September 2020, boat rides

Western wall of Seal Island house getting updated.
Money love and Dreams, abeam of Diamond rock, VH turbines and Mt Maguntikuk beyond
a greater shearwater looking sort a sooty against the light
Katrina Paige
Katrina Paige
sooty Shearwater, an excellent late summer for shearwaters, they were scattered about the bay reminiscent of the golden barefoot summers of my youth
Crow searching behind radar for candy bars while gull keeps watch.
adult Bald Eagle,  feathered flesh eating lizard
Gannet, feathered fish eating lizard
first year bald eagle, extra large, raised on otter Island, fattened on ducklings.

September 6, we came upon some gulls and shearwater on some fish
Also some Porpoise
I shut off the engine and we drifted a while

you could see the ball of fish sometimes, here a greater shearwater takes a dive.
here surfacing with fish other shearwater submerged beyond
Greater Shearwater, with fish pursued by first year herring gulls.

Immature blackjacked gull with greater shearwater, porpoise under.
the water was still and the porpoise showed up well through it.
Sooty shearwater

sooty shearwater with gulls, and a gannet
Greater shearwater, submerged
Porpoise in green water
Greater shearwater, with fish

Harbor Porpoise, September 6, north of three fathom ledge
Harbor Porpoise, Phocoena phocoena
young and adult double-crested cormorant, young great cormorants and a young herring gull.
September 12 Seal Island
Little Spoon, Great Spoon, from the Eastern Ear
Sailing through hurricane sound towards the reach

Star Fisher, Steve and Kachina, off the eastern NE point of Seal Island

Cormorants roosting on the back shore of Seal Island.
mostly great Cormorants Seal Island

Cheryl Ann in the Harbor
Eagle obove seals hauled out on Wooden Ball
The Black Horse
The Flying Fish at Brimstone.
I took a ride inland to Katahdin with my daughter Flora, I got above tree line briefly during a couple of days, pipets robin and a lapland longspur on the tablelands.

Skua, on the mooring Vinalhaven beyond