Thursday, July 31, 2014

july 30 Seal Island, MatRock, pick up and dropoff

July 30
Northern, rednecked Phalerope,
adult gannet
blackback appreciating a black guillemot
I suppose the guillemot was deprciated as well 

morning trip to seal july 29

July 29 morning trip to Seal

I engaged a spotter
surrounded by things to take pictures of
Young Raven, that was from home
Four crested black bird
Skua, and green dory aka Kilgore Trout

We saw more I just did not take many pics

pm July 25, in past wooden ball from Matinicus rock

Some pics from July 25th afternoon trip to Matinicus Rock
two blackbacks chasing adult herring gull. perhaps inspired by jaegars
A third joined the pursuit, they chased him out of sight those wooden ball blackbacks are a tough lot
terns puffins and razorbills were feeding in the bay, the terns were over a ball of crill.
terns Brimstone behind

June 25th morning trip

Eagles on Channel rock
Young Gannet
 four Alcids ashore,  Seal Island
three alcids afloat
young Gannet

Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 22 ofshore trip

July 22,  Offshore trip,
all day voyage SW of Seal Island out where the seabirds are
the fog burned off after an hour beyond Seal Island
Red phalerope, there were lots of them out there
Wilson's Petrel
Wilson's Petrel, red Phalerope
Leaches Petrel,
Leache's and Wilson's petrel
 long wings of Leaches
Cory's and greater shearwater
Cory's shearwater
Greater Shearwater
Greater shearwater ,
 Flora and Greater shearwater
Greater shearwater

we got some good looks
more phalerope pico grueso
they're polyandrus, like the spotted sandpipers.
quite red still
We saw this whale,  and another, both finback whales
Criehaven behind
Flora and Sunfish
Greater Shearwater, we saw hundreds, about 6 cory's, a manx and two sooty.

 Jaeger Surfing

Pomarine Skua
It was a great trip