Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 22 ofshore trip

July 22,  Offshore trip,
all day voyage SW of Seal Island out where the seabirds are
the fog burned off after an hour beyond Seal Island
Red phalerope, there were lots of them out there
Wilson's Petrel
Wilson's Petrel, red Phalerope
Leaches Petrel,
Leache's and Wilson's petrel
 long wings of Leaches
Cory's and greater shearwater
Cory's shearwater
Greater Shearwater
Greater shearwater ,
 Flora and Greater shearwater
Greater shearwater

we got some good looks
more phalerope pico grueso
they're polyandrus, like the spotted sandpipers.
quite red still
We saw this whale,  and another, both finback whales
Criehaven behind
Flora and Sunfish
Greater Shearwater, we saw hundreds, about 6 cory's, a manx and two sooty.

 Jaeger Surfing

Pomarine Skua
It was a great trip

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