Sunday, July 16, 2017

july 9 , Troicbird, alcids, Gannets, ivory black-back, harlequin

July 9, photos.
 Puffins on the shore of the eastern bite.

 two Murre, one bridled
 Arctic Tern
 Gannet on the western head of Seal Island

 el Tropico
 Gannets Brimstone
 young gannet

Harlequin, and eider
Ivory Blackback, Little Brimstone

Birdbath big year: start....

So I have had these big year people they have all been to Nome.

so I am doing a big birdbath year,  starting July 6, I anticipate very little traveling.
I sit on the back porch and wait......

I spoke to a woman from Austin on the subject: she reported screech owls at her Birdbath, so I think my only chance at setting the record is if I am the first one... anyway this Robin was a bath hog nearly drained the tank.   My aim is to document as many species in my bird bath as is humanely possible.

july 5, Tbird, Harlequin, Murre

July 5,  Tropicbird trip with Ruben from Tennessee.

 Adult Gannet on the western head. they are nesting on Machias Seal,  110 miles to the east.
 the Tropicbird was on the scene
 showing a strong fondness for a  Rosen Buoy
 the old bird looks rather well.

 Ruben found this murre in the Bay
 Harlequins at Holden ledge.

july 3, male harlequin at Holden ledge

July 3 HQD

July 3 Holden ledge

June 28-29, photoes, abandonment of the Great cormorant colony at Little Roberts, Harlequin

June 28 and 29 pictures:

 Diamond Rock.
Brimstone, tumbolo beach

  ale Harlequin off Little Diamond Rock

 Channel Rock
 June 29 Little Roberts, gull on empty DC cormorant nest
 the Five Great cormorant nests at the site were also abandoned
 Adult Great cormorant some still occupied double crested nests beyond.