Saturday, January 28, 2017

August 19th

Aug 19 2016,
Albums:Seals etc, corms, alcids, gulls, seal island, ducks, skua
 Adult and young Great Cormorant,
 Young Laughing gull,  small head long wings,  jaegar like.
 Puffin at Seal Island
 Imm. Yellow-crowned night heron at Seal Island
 Great Cormorants
 2nd Imm Yellow-Crowned night heron, Seal Island

 Gannet on the western head
 Picked up this dwarf fledgling puffin, too light to dive,  a few years back a similar bird was fed and grew after such stunting.  we gave it to Stacey to take care of, I think she sent it off the the mainland.
I would have left it for the black-backs but those with me convinced me to get involved.

 we saw a Harlequin at Little Brimstone
 Eagle over cormorants on the shore
 young eagle above young great Cormorants on Little Roberts
 Bald Eagle and Yong double-cresed cormorant,
 abandoned cormorant nests behind the eagle

 A second young eagle appears on the horizon
 two bald eagle immature, one adult great Cormorant flying and 20 young double-crested cormornat
 young eagle flushed behind Dc comorant

August 18, alcids, Cormorants, Seal Island, Vh.

August 18,          albums: Alcids, Cormorants, Seal Island, VH.

young eagle, herring gull and empty cormorant nests at Little Roberts

 fledgling Great Cormorants with one Double-crested on the shoreline.

 make that two Double-crested
 The neck of a cormorant has impressive range
 These fledglings are reluctant to disperse from their nesting site, some staying around until mid September if undisturbed.
 Minnamurra, off Woden Ball
 Black guillemot with Redrock eel,
 Gannet again roosting on the western head, Seal Island, 

 a couple of pairs of gannets have nested in the Gulf of Maine during the last decade or so about 130 miles east of here in New Brunswick.

 mid August there can be lots of Puffins around Seal Island, by early September they are mostly gone.

 Isabella-Jack,  Johny, Mark, Devon
 the cluster of fledgling cormorants and their attendants near the water where they seek shelter during eagle attacks.

young cormorants Little Roberts Is.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Aug 16, Cormorants, Gulls, VH, Owls:

August 16th.
 Empty nests of cormorants Little Roberts, cormorants near the shore.

 this years fledgling Great Cormorants
the most I counted was 10 or so, and so at this point these 7 are most of the great cormorant production at Little Roberts this year.
one double-crested in there, and a couple of young herring gulls of the year.
 there was a black-back mugging an adult herring gull at Holden ledge.

 I think the herring gull was released,  though it could not escape on its own.
 Eric off Brimstone

 Eric at Diamond Rock

There was an owl up on Green's in the evening: