Friday, January 13, 2017

August 9, Matinicus Rock, Puffins, Eagles, evidence of peregrines.

August 9,  trip to pick up the team on Matinicus Rock and take them to Rockland.

 as usual there was a gang of Puffins paddling round the anchorage these two were quite tame to curious

note the bow wave this bird is pushing,

Due to a last minute shuffling of days, I arrived to collect the team of observers 24 hours earlier than expected, despite that they gamely hustled and got ready fast, meanwhile I got a chance to be ashore for a spell and got some pics of Puffins lugging in feed.

They were quite busy.  even at midday,

Arctic tern head,  probably a peregrine ate it.

On the way back to Vinalhaven from Rockland, there was a pair of eagles preforming,

they were flying around together being very conspicuous,
Great blue heron, double crested cormorant,  Talbot's Island.

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