Thursday, July 7, 2016

late June, various dates

some photos from mid to late june.

 Great Cormorants Seal Island

Razorbill, puffin,  Murre,  in Murre cove Seal Island

Great Cormorant Roberts Island

Red-billed Tropic Bird Seal Island

Manx Shearwater
Peregrine tern in toe with escort

 this was at Seal Island,

Puffins Razorbills at Matinicus Rock

young Ravens on Wooden Ball

Tropicbird at seal Island

Ringed murre and puffins, near Matinicus rock.
 June 26,  Razorbill and chick

Eider hens and chicks,

Eagles on Hay Island ledge
male harlequin and hen eider at Little Brimstone, June 30

Mr. D at Brimstone
DC cormorant,

This is the western head on Seal Island, on the sky line you can see Audubon Cormorant Camera delivered by helicopter in mid April a month after the Cormorants were on territory,  this is the last viable Great cormorant colony in the US.  Fundraising is not Conservation. I feel as if I may have erred in encouraging the National Audubon Society to stop ignoring this species.