Thursday, August 13, 2015

Aug 7, trip to 11 mile ridge, Sunfish, Pomarine jaegar, posted Aug 13

August 7th to the eleven mile ridge.

Red-necked phalerope.

two red-necked and a red phalerope.

I was 4 or five miles south of Matinicus Rock before I saw any greater shearwater.

a wiked half decent chance to go out there.

Red phalerope and Wilson's petrel.

Red phalerope.

spinning red phalerope

Tracks of sunfish.

skulling track of sunfish.

Sunfish number two was about 2 1/2 feet across, the smallest of the day.
Greater shearwater, it was so calm most of them were just setting on the water. I did see one Cory's shearwater also.

Sunfish number three was big maybe 6' wingspan.

this fish also had what I believe is a lamprey hanging on to it.

the Spanish call them pes Luna,  I think they got this one right, quite moony really.

I saw a few humpbacks out there too, shy mother and small calf.

See the wee calf on the right.

number four sunfish,  pes luna quatro. there were three more

Red phalerope.

the path traveled by, already heading in before 1pm

 Wilson's petrels and matinicus Rock beyond,  I did not see any Leaches petrels this day.

petrel tracks

petrel over loafing shearwaters.

Sub adult gannet.

Pomarine jaegar
What a great bird.
Pomarine jaegar.

Does those long twisted tail feathers aid in manuverability?

A dios
 Wilsons petrels roosting on the water.
Matinicus Rock.

Gannets passing Matinicus Rock.

basalt intrusions 

I picked up the observers on Matinicus Rock and took them to Rockland,
here is Monroe island, beach hill and Mount Maguntacook.

Fish hawk and mackerel western shore of Hurricane.

this was a great day...well not for that Mackerel

August 5

August 5
2015 Atlantic puffin.

 Eagle near Otter Island.
female Harlequin at Little Roberts island.

August 2,

August 2,

Great Cormorant on Little Roberts Island.

Adult Great Cormorant and three young of the year there were only five from this colony this year.

Northern phalerope bathing.

july 30,

july 30

Common Murre.

 Northern shore of Seal Island.

A convoy of razorbills

Hen eider with ducklings at Seal island.

the much neglected great cormorant.

A great cormorant with three double-crested cormorant.

July Blue Moon.