Thursday, August 13, 2015

July 25th trip, Rockland-Seal Island, posted aug 13

July 25 Rockland to seal Island,

A family of Geese, white islands

no good picture but we got a fairly good look at this felonius skua,  aka parasitic jaegar

Northern or red-necked Phalerope,  this was the day they struck, they have been around the bay since in good numbers.

Minnimurra, and Seal Island.

a minister amongst the razorbills, I have seen a Black-back beating a guillemot, but I guess the Razorbills have no fear of them.
Red-billed Tropicbird,

he came out of his cavern just as we were passing.

We got some good looks at this bird

We saw this Red phalerope north of three fathom ledge.

Red Phalerope.

Red phalerope left and Red-necked phalerope on the right.

Red and red-necked phalerope

Red and two red necks
Red phalerope and three red-necks.

Evening sun on Medric rock, with shags.

the other side of Medric Rock.


July and August we see a lot of nice evening skies.

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