Friday, July 31, 2015

july 18th to Matinicus Rock, cory's shearwater

July 18 trip to Matinicus rock,

i have also seen Felonius skua, red and red-necked phalerope, gannets, manx shearwaters and a harlequin on recent trips, a mackerel shark too.
petrel trax

wilsons petrel

Cory's shearwater, near Matinicus Rock

long, slow wings

There were @1,000 seals hauled out on Wooden Ball,

july 14, trip to Seal, 5 alcidae

A few from July 14 trips.  I saw 5 alcid species this day
Arctic terns, young Blackback, puffin N of Seal Island,

 Common tern on the way up Arctic on the way down
number five the tick-biled murre, Brunucks Murre,  scarce in July around here.
blacker than a common Murre

thick-billed murre,

Eagles on Yellow ledge

Grey seal and harbor seals on Yellow ledge
Common Murre at Seal island
hen eider with ducklings at Seal Island, fledgling tern on the shore.

Puffins Seal Island,
Great Cormorant, herring gull, common tern, eider,

Tern and Tropicbird

Grand paille en queue,
black toes,

Several sightings of Adult and chick razorbill pairs, the chick leaves the nest site at about 2 weeks and swims off the the male.

the magnificent black guillemont
 adult eagle on the bar harbor juniper

Monday, July 20, 2015

July 3 ride to Seal Island and Matinicus Rock

July 3 trip, Seal Island, Matinicus Rock.

Manx shearwater at Matinicus Rock.
Manx shearwater

no Mans land beyond the Margaret Ann.

gulls and cormorant feeding near Seal Island.

Puffin at Seal Island
Wake of sounding Puffin.

A 2014 model Arctic Tern, aka Portlandic.

2nd year arctic tern

June 30, trip to Seal Island

 A few photos from June 30 trip to Seal Island.

last years Puffin, there were 3 within 100 meters as if they were traveling together.

Common Tern and Puffin.

CW-88 a load of traps, mt Megunticook.

if you go by Otter Island late June/July you have a near 100% chance of Eagles.

Eagles are not the greatest of neighbors, they tend to eat your babies, if you are a duck gull or cormorant.
will the re-establishment of eagles in the area "restore the balance"?  not bloody likely,  that which never was is unrestorable.

Rousse rousse, rousse mitt Oich!

a mixed gang of beach hangers on Roberts Island.
a Classy ride, i bet if you added up all the hours maintaining this vessel it would be a lot of hours.