Monday, January 17, 2022

September 13 through October 13th,

September 13-  through Oct 13.

a load of Buoys from Matinicus Rock, I helped get a few loads of Marine Debris ashore late season,

could be a full time gig, like the folk who shingle cottages on Ilesboro there is no end to it.

Sue, Paula, and Adam,  heading out to round up some debris, with coffee.
Eagle on not quite Barron Granite ledge South of Hurricane Island,
three Great and a double-crested Cormorant, on the left,  second year bird on the right, spotty chested.

the view looking north 

Phalerope,  red-necked
Smashed Granite Otter Island, before, Basalt Brimstone, Spruce Isle au Haut beyond.
Eagle on the cap on Moe's tower on Matinicus Rock on a nice looking chance 

Goldenrod, squirrel and beyond
Red Squirrel, shreading spruce cone, above goldenrods, 
September 28, sanderling, 
There have been many passing sapsuckers passing through here September October, they can be hard on the trees.
Great and Double-Crested Cormorants, Seal Island, 
Great and DC Cormorants, Seal Island
Great and Double-crested Cormorants roosting on the far side of Seal Island

Photos, Sept 1 -12 , Including a trip to Matinicus Rock

Photos, Sept 1 -12 ,  including a trip to Matinicus Rock
on a wee bit of sandy beach this relic came ashore, I cannot remember another, which at this point means that it is at least uncommon, or perhaps the first found after decades of dedicated beach combing.

Always a thrill seeing Gannets foraging,  
these were out beyond Woodenball, shearwaters as well
There he goes!!
I think the thin column of water is sign of neat vertical dive,  
Several Greater Shearwater, 
there were a few Sooty shearwater as well
Scattered loafing Shearwaters, Matinicus Rock, beyond
on the way back from Rockland, passing Little Garden Island.
young bald eagle over Otter Island.

Double-crested Cormorants, at Green Ledge, empty nest platforms behind them.
Spruce, Bayberry, Rosa rugos,   a dynamic competition to use the space  on many of the formerly grazed islands between these species seems likely as they all three have considerable capacity to take over areas.
often during the first couple of weeks in September  we get fine back porch Hummingbirding, if we have been carful not to stomp the jewel weed.

I wonder where this hummingbird will spend the winter, Maybe Puerto Rico?

we got the message


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

August 17- 21, 2021 Birds, Whales,

 August 17- 21,  2021 Birds, Whales,

One pogey less Gannet

Menhaden, Pogey, stolen from gannet

Puffin,  incoming with feed
maybe a mackerel?
peregrine, on the back shore of Seal Island
the Great White Cormorant chick
What a fine looking bird this.
Star Fisher and Alex and Noah, off the back side of Seal Island
the Great White and a more usual plumaged Great Cormorant of the year
harlequins still at Little  Brimstone

Minke Whale,
Razorbills,  adult and chick I think, I did not see many Razorbillchicks this summer, 
Aug 21,  Humpback off Little Roberts
We stayed and watched it a while, 
we were just setting there, and the whale, a sub adult we believe, came towards us
and passed by just in front of us.
Earl saw it too

this was only the second Humpback that I have seen inside of Seal Island,  we were lucky to see it.