Sunday, May 28, 2023

May 2023, a few pictures

Here are a few recent photos, from trips to Seal Island and Matinicus Rock

There has been a few hundred black scoters at Seal Island, I saw a pair of red-throated Loons flying over,  a few Gannets, merlins and a peregrine at Seal, there was an Iceland gull at Seal Is. May 6,  lots of Sea Pigeons.

Harlequin ducks at Brimstone, may 26
Star Fisher, SW cove
a pair off Surf Scoters at Seal Island May 6
a pair of Eider,  
great Cormorants at Seal Island.

Razorbills and Murres at Matinicus Rock, may 9
puffins at Matinicus Rock

I think a Peregrine ate this Puffin
Harlequins at Seal Island
Harlequin hauled out in Squeaker guzzle.
Harlequin Seal Island
a pair of Eider
Harlequin ducks, Little Robert's Island,  May 6
Laughing Gull
Great Cormorant Little Robert's Island