Monday, June 29, 2015

Seal Island June 27, Harlequin, Tropicbird, Roseate tern, Ivory Blackback, and so much more

Aaron spotted this Harlequin at Little Roberts,  a different one than that I saw the other day.

Great Cormorants,
two year old Puffin, dark cheek, darker bill.
Ducklings at Seal Island,
Double-crested Cormorant and hen eiders.

el senyor Tropical,

pursued by a tern
maybe soon it will molt that long tail feather.
ArcticTern,  @900 pairs nesting on Seal Island this summer.

watch the road hotdog!

Bathing arctic tern
At times this bird seems vexed if our attention is distracted by some of the other birds out here.

Arctic tern

Arctic tern,

Roseate tern
Still here,

straffed by a tern,
and again,
here comes the Roseate, very few of these out here.

elusive and charismatic, the black guillemot,
the way overhyped yet nonetheless cool puffin,

 Saw the first petrel of the year on the way up the bay towards brimstone, saw a jaegar yesterday,
the Ivory Black back at Little Brimstone
what a lovely creamy plumage she has


A twelve guyed tower put on Little Roberts' by the fish and wildlife service,
 the channel towards the mainland.