Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recent sightings: Great Cormorant Survey

I have not been taking pictures much so I have no new pictures of Razorbills, Murre, Puffins, Arctic terns, that I see when ever I go to Seal Island.
I did go to Jericho bay to see how many great Cormorants I could find over there.

first just a reminder the legendary Red-billed Tropicbird of Seal Island is alive and in residence and awaiting our audience, and there are so many other good birds to see in the bay its worth the trip,  The ferry to Vinalhaven leaves from Rockland. its still nice and cool out on the water.

ok here are some pictures from the first week of June

Cortland, & James and the second boat is Six Corkers I think  Thanks for the help Cortland & James

A few Northern Phalerope, north of Seal Island, June 3
 Laughing Gulls, Eiders and a few terns on the roost in the eastern bite Seal Island
Lanes Nubble,  Hay Island,
 Diamond Rock, and Brimstone
 Saddleback Ledge,  and some Seals
 Saddleback Ledge
Seal Island,   en mirage
 Southern shore of Isle au Haut
 Great Spoon
 Adult eagle on Herring gull hill Great Spoon
Eiders and Cormorants on the north end of Little Spoon, Great Spoon Behind

Seals, Eider, Cormorant, Little Spoon
 Eagle on Spirit Ledge
 Raven over boulder on Mason Ledge
 Eider, Mason Ledge
 Small Mixed cormorant colony on Brimstone Ledge, 9 great Cormorant nests and 7 Double-crested Cormorant nests.
 Great Cormorants at Southern Mark
 The greats are across the bottom, there is another clump of Double-Crest nests on the other side

 The Greats like to be shore side of the Double-crested at mixed colonies
there were 8 Great Cormorant nests on Southern Mark,
9 at Brimstone:
17 at Seal Island:
6 at Little Roberts:

that is probably all that there are nesting in the United States, this population has been declining since 1992, eagles have been getting most of  the young ones

Southern Poplestone ledge

 male Eider
 Great Spoon
 Isle Au haut
 Green Ledge East side Vinalhaven
Green Ledge

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