Monday, June 29, 2015

June 25, Matinicus Rock and Seal Island,

3 Alcids at Matinicus Rock, there are  black guillemots there as well.
about one in five of the Murre in the area sport the flashy spectacles,

all three of the species, Razorbills, Murres and Puffins numbers in the gulf of Maine have swelled greatly during the last 60 years.

Common Murre, known as guillemots in England, are known to nest on two sites in the Gulf of Maine Yellow Murre Ledge and Machias Seal Island, there were  25 pairs on Yellow Murre ledge off Grand Manan in 1983, now the Gulf of Maine Population is about 1,500 individuals.
mostly at Yellow Murre ledge and Machias Seal Island, present throughout  the summer at Matinicus Rock and Vinalhaven Seal Island as well.

Ducklings at Seal Island,

bueno suerte  Patitos,  did see a parasitic Jaegar, (aka felonius skua) on the way in,

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