Sunday, July 5, 2020

Parula nest June 24-27

More Photos of the Yellow-backed Blue warbler nest in my neighborhood
June 24-27, 2020

 the Male makes a showing
 and soon return with a load of feed
 the Male Delivers,
 the male on the edge of the nest.
Female back to brooding again

 female collecting a fecal sac
female removing a fecal sac, noon June 27.

Parula nest June 23d and 24th

June 24 mid day

Parula Nest, June 23,

 Female pariula leaving nest
 Female Parula perched on the edge of the nest
 back to brood, for a bit
 coming back after some foraging

 she would often perch near by pause a second, then head in.

 back to Bath

June 23 @ 3:40

Parula nest photos June 22

 the day of the hatch, June 22,
 She still did a good deal of brooding
 She would come out for a bath
 the nest is within site of the bird bath
she would wash
 and repeat, often taking another dip after vigorus preen/shakeout

 She begins to deliver feed.
 time to eat
 another bath, cleaning her rapier
feeding in the morning fog of June 23
the male likes to bath too but besides singing and zone defense he has made contribution on the home front, I have seen none.

Male Parula, or yellow-backed Blue warbler, at his bath

Friday, July 3, 2020

Parula warbler nest

  There is a pair of yellow-backed blue warblers in the yard
 We saw her investigating this clump,  May 31
 She seemed to approve, it was two limbs over from a very similar sight that had been used by Parula's, the same? two years ago.

May 31,

 June 2,, gathering birch fibers.
 June 2,
 June 2,
 June 3, delivering dry grass stalk to line, others spilling from the nest
I think she started to incubate on June 12,  this was June 14,

 June 15,
June 22,  2:28 pm, eg shell removal.

to be continued....