Friday, November 7, 2014

Sept 11, Kestrels and fawn.

Sept 11 Green's Island,

Goldenrod with fawn

Sept 6, and 8 Vireos

Sept 6,
Great Horn,  cool to see but hard on the neighbors, Lucy found a pile of Peregrine feathers, I suspect an owl ate it.

September 8,
la Philadelphia vireo
Red-eyed Vireo,  lots of vireos in September
not sure, black and white?
Black and white,
winter wren, on humpback vertebra,
winter wren, on white tail antler, on humpback vertebra.
Philadelphia Vireo
I don't usually see many of these on Green's Island here in Penobscot Bay, but there were several seen passing through during early September.
 Brimstone from Green's
twilight with goldenrod.

Sept 3,

September 3

Great horned Owl, 
Ruby-throated hummingbird

late Aug and early Sept,

A few from late summer mostly on Green's Island
Parula warbler
I wonder where this bird will spend the winter?
Black-throated Green warbler

August 30,
August was great for Skuas, (Jaegars)
winter plumage razorbill
The razorbills have been foraging closer to shore in recent years.

Sept 2 Green's Island
Parula on a Mountain Ash
Black-throated Green on a Mountain Ash
always nice to have Parula's in the neighborhood
good luck out there.