Monday, June 29, 2015

June 24, trip to Seal Island,

June 24, Seal Island,

The Mother load of Ducklings,  don't take your babies up the Bay ladies, the eagles will eat them if you do.
Razorbills at Seal Island
the fascinating black guillemot,
Gull trying to push this young eagle along to the next island, this was at Otter Is.

Great Cormorant Little Roberts

Red-billed Tropic Bird Seal Island.

What a good bird.

this bird seems to be spending more time roosting on the water than other years, perhaps its getting a bit weary.

the newer tail feather a bit shorter and stiffer than the older one.
I have quite a pile of pictures of this bird yet I am still keen to get a few more.

Great Cormorant at Seal Island one of the 4 sites at which great cormorants nest in the U.S.

the lovely and apparently delicious baby eiders.

 One more close pass as we leave the island.

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