Monday, June 29, 2015

some photos of mid June sightings: June 12 & 18

June 12
male Harlequin at Little Roberts,  this is where the late ones are seen, most are gone by May 1st.

cryptic in the surg.

June 18

Great Cormorants at Little Roberts.  2 of the 40 great Cormorant nests in the nation,  they nest at 4 sites, all in Mid coast Maine.

Red-billed Tropicbird,  Seal Island

Puffin, at Seal Island
Eider hens and chicks, Seal Island.

Tropicbird and escort

Arctic Tern
Last years Arctic Tern, also known and Portlandic,

The magnificent black Guillemot

Researchers from National Audubon in the tern colony, looks like they might be disturbing them some.
Ravens and eagle,  Otter Island, the ravens were escorting the eagle away from the vicinity of their young.

Once the Eider Ducklings start to hatch the eagles come to eat them, these two were on the beach at Brimstone.

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