Monday, July 20, 2015

June 30, trip to Seal Island

 A few photos from June 30 trip to Seal Island.

last years Puffin, there were 3 within 100 meters as if they were traveling together.

Common Tern and Puffin.

CW-88 a load of traps, mt Megunticook.

if you go by Otter Island late June/July you have a near 100% chance of Eagles.

Eagles are not the greatest of neighbors, they tend to eat your babies, if you are a duck gull or cormorant.
will the re-establishment of eagles in the area "restore the balance"?  not bloody likely,  that which never was is unrestorable.

Rousse rousse, rousse mitt Oich!

a mixed gang of beach hangers on Roberts Island.
a Classy ride, i bet if you added up all the hours maintaining this vessel it would be a lot of hours.

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