Friday, July 31, 2015

july 14, trip to Seal, 5 alcidae

A few from July 14 trips.  I saw 5 alcid species this day
Arctic terns, young Blackback, puffin N of Seal Island,

 Common tern on the way up Arctic on the way down
number five the tick-biled murre, Brunucks Murre,  scarce in July around here.
blacker than a common Murre

thick-billed murre,

Eagles on Yellow ledge

Grey seal and harbor seals on Yellow ledge
Common Murre at Seal island
hen eider with ducklings at Seal Island, fledgling tern on the shore.

Puffins Seal Island,
Great Cormorant, herring gull, common tern, eider,

Tern and Tropicbird

Grand paille en queue,
black toes,

Several sightings of Adult and chick razorbill pairs, the chick leaves the nest site at about 2 weeks and swims off the the male.

the magnificent black guillemont
 adult eagle on the bar harbor juniper

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