Thursday, August 13, 2015

July 22, Pictures, posted Aug 13

July 22 trip to seal island

Adult and razorbill chick

We saw quite a few during those days of late july.
Butternut squash Jelly at Seal Island


Fledgling arctic tern, the birds have been doing well eating lots of Sandlance.

Common tern fledgling

Razorbills are scarce now, at the island, the terns are thinning out but some Puffins will be there until labor day

there were @1,000 pairs of Puffins breeding in the gulf of Maine in 1975,  about 7,000 pairs in 2010

Puffins on the water, murre cove Seal island.

there were loads of these jellies down there those days.

Arctic tern

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