Saturday, January 28, 2017

August 19th

Aug 19 2016,
Albums:Seals etc, corms, alcids, gulls, seal island, ducks, skua
 Adult and young Great Cormorant,
 Young Laughing gull,  small head long wings,  jaegar like.
 Puffin at Seal Island
 Imm. Yellow-crowned night heron at Seal Island
 Great Cormorants
 2nd Imm Yellow-Crowned night heron, Seal Island

 Gannet on the western head
 Picked up this dwarf fledgling puffin, too light to dive,  a few years back a similar bird was fed and grew after such stunting.  we gave it to Stacey to take care of, I think she sent it off the the mainland.
I would have left it for the black-backs but those with me convinced me to get involved.

 we saw a Harlequin at Little Brimstone
 Eagle over cormorants on the shore
 young eagle above young great Cormorants on Little Roberts
 Bald Eagle and Yong double-cresed cormorant,
 abandoned cormorant nests behind the eagle

 A second young eagle appears on the horizon
 two bald eagle immature, one adult great Cormorant flying and 20 young double-crested cormornat
 young eagle flushed behind Dc comorant

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