Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Few pics from June 28, 29th trips to Seal Island
June was Guillemot Appreciation day, this was taken earlier this year on Seal Island
Pair of Razorbills
Arctic Tern Seal Is.
Arctic tern
Tbird with escort
Red-billed tropic bird, seal island,
lots of Ducklings down there now, they better stay there, if they come up the bay the eagles will eat them.
The Ivory blackback, seal Island,
lots of puffins around, though no tufted yet
Murre, Razorbill, Puffin ashore Seal Island, from the boat
Roseate Tern, Seal Island

Duckling eating eagle near Otter Island
The Ivory Blackback Otter Island, june 30

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