Monday, December 8, 2014

migrant songbirds on Green's Island Sept 13

Some photos from Sept 13, on Green's Island, posting on Dec, 8, it looks like its a long way off after being 12 degrees last night.

 Philadelphia Vireo

not sure what that one was?

a passing Kestrel
Parula in Birch,

there were many vireo, I was trying to get stuff moved around but kept getting distracted by these wee shrikes
 Blue-headed or Solitary vireo,

not such a great shot the cool thing is that this parula warbler is in an oak tree with an acorn on Green's I planted that tree, so its a landmark as this is the first acorn I've seen

black and white warbler,

blackpol warbler

blackpol warbler,
Solitary Vireo
Blackpol warbler
Blackpol warbler,
blackpol warbler
Blackpol warbler

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