Monday, March 12, 2018

Aug 26, to Seal Island, two trips

August 26,  am and pm

 still big fish coming into Seal island.
 Sooty shearwater

 this is AMERICA people

 an ancient bird in an older landscape,  great Cormorant at Seal Island

 August 26,  great cormorants and a gannet on the lower western head,  many young great Cormorant of the year.
 they have left the nest platforms, some of which you can see in the middle of the picture.

young great Cormorants, mostly and an adult and some eider hens

 the back side of Seal Island.
seaside golden rod, seal Island
Herb Fechter, last of the great Tropicbird chasers? this bird had been seen a couple days before, but we did not see it.

 hooked gannet passing over the eastern bite

 fowl hooked gannet.

 Peregrine roosting with puffin decoy

 peregine decides to split, that puffin is creepy
 young peregrine and goldenrod

 phalerope,  i think the big pale one was a red.

 first summer blackback

Brimstone, featuring winter roost of cormorants.

banded goldfinch,  from the birdbath bigyear series.

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