Thursday, June 28, 2018

May 30 th, Mount Dessert Rock

May 30 th, Mount Dessert Rock.

 Puffin off the South end of Great Duck
 MDI over Great Duck
 Mount Dessert Island over Great Duck Island.
Ducks over great duck under eastern MDI
Mount Dessert Rock
Skua at MDR, this week the Dory was called "Rachel Corrie"

 Minke Whale near MDR off MDI
 MDR and MDI
 Arctic tern
northern phalerope, aka rednecks

rednecks aka northern Phalerope

the track that I took

 3 Great Cormorant nests at Seal Island, SW cove.
 Great Cormorant and Double-crests at Woodenball

inbound Towards Green's Island

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