Sunday, July 16, 2023

June 30th-July 15th

Common Tern balancing on mast of Skua, as a wake goes by
July 6th fish hawk nest in the thoroughfare
July 6 loon,  Winter harbor

July 12 Razorbill and chick


murre and Puffin
Puffin with Sandlance
Great Cormorant

Great Cormorant on the Three fathom Ledge buoy

White top of pectoral fins visible in the water

Wilson's petrel with worn white wing feathers

White winged Wilson's Petrel
Eagle ready to grab
Eagle with pogie
good fishing
and now there are shearwaters
Razorbill, chick and petrel,
Greater, Cory's and Manx shearwaters.
Sooty, Cory's and greater shearwater
petrels, greater shearwater Matinicus rock
White winged scoter by yellow ledge,  July 15th
dark checked second year Puffin,  
Roseate Tern with a banded Arctic tern , Seal Island July 15th

Arctic,  Arctic and roseate Tern
3 arctic and Roseate tern 
Male eiders
Manx Shearwater
the lovely wee Manx,  there were quite a few of them among the loads of Greater shearwaters the last few days

Cory's,  Sooty and Greater shearwater
Sooty, Cory's and greater shearwater
Greater shearwater
a loose raft of mixed shearwater east of Seal Island July 15th
July 15th,  eagle chick

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