Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 14 trip to Seal Island, Seals and Purple sandpipers, eagle trax

we saw, a Puffin 2 mile north  of Seal, very rare this season,  25 eagles on Seal when we got there, many roosting close together.  400 gray seals,  2 glacous gulls, 2 icleland gulls,  a few song sparrows a savanna sparrow, 6 snow bunting, 400 purple sand,  adult peregrine,  morning dove?, 4 razorbills on the way in,  25 harlequin, Little Roberts,  several great cormorant, Oldsquawsquaws, loons, guillemots eiders,  shell drakes.

cold and vapor first thing,
 a few of the eagles @ 25 when we got there, they are there for the afterbirth and dead baby seals,

looking west to Matinicus, tent floors and seals
Big bad bull, maybe good?
Several pups working on the back porch
Sliding on the spoog pool
Skua standing by

Madre y hijo
Reddish bull
Looking west from the top of Murre head, Matinicus and No Man's Land
NE point of Seal Island, looking North east to Isle au Haut

Skua in the eastern bight, looking North towards Vinalhaven from Murre head
eagle tracks

Iceland gull, immature

Iceland gull, heron neck and Mt Meguntacook behind

she reminds me of the Hyena "Bloody Mary" from Jane Goodall's book Innocent Killers.

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