Saturday, August 18, 2018

Aug 17, trip to Seal, & coopers Hawk on Green's

Aug 17, morning trip to Seal Island
species list:
Razorbill, Cory's Shearwater, Greater Shearwater, Sooty Shearwater, Double-crested Cormorant, Great Cormorant, Eider,  Black Guillemot, Ring-billed Gull, Red Knot, Semi-palmated Plover, Spotted Sandpiper, least sandpiper, Rudy Turnstone, Herring Gull, Laughing Gull, Black-backed Gull, Puffins,
Common Tern, Arctic Tern.

And: Grey Seals, Harbor Seals, Sunfish.

Razorbills, molted flight feathers on at least one of those streaching

this years laughing gull
sooty  shearwater
Red Knots and Rudy Turnstones
Knots and Turnstones

Rudy Turnstone, and several Red Knots

 Grey Seal, western Head of Seal Island
 At The Shag Roost Seal Island this years Great Cormorant, indicating dispersal commencing.
 Mix of adult and this years Great Cormorant on the western head
 Big Sunfish, thanks Steve
Cory's Shearwater
 Ring-billed Gull

Coopers hawk on Green's I was alerted to its presence because it flew into a window upstairs

 it went and landed in an oak tree I had planted.
This bird was fairly large, I think it a cooper because the bands on the tail do not appear to be edged with white.

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