Thursday, November 22, 2018

August 20, to Jericho Bay to look for Great Cormorants.

August 20, head east around Isle au Haut, and Marshall Island.

Little Brimstone,  4 adult Great Cormorant and two sub adults which I believe must be last years. the pale breasted bird to the left is an immature double-crested cormorant.

 Eric east of Brimstone
 Cormorants on the White Horse, east of Isle Au Haut.
Cormorants on the White Horse

 Eagle over what was formerly known as Herring gull hill, as there were lots of gulls nesting there.

 Adult Bald eagle over Great Spoon Island
 Brimstone Ledge, east of Marshall Island one of two Known nesting sites of Great Cormorants in the Gulf of Maine, there were 6 nests counted May 29,

I did see these three adults roosting near where the colony had been and also saw two Fledgling great Cormorants. The dispersal of the colony on this date indicates that this site has been attacked by eagles.

 Herring gull strafing an immature bald eagle, Southern Mark Island

 Empty Cormorant Colony Southeast shore Southern Mark,  there were 11 pairs of Great Cormorant nesting at this site in 2017.
Abandoned double-crested cormorant colony SW tip of Southern Mark, no fledglings on the shore.

Adult eagle near abandoned double-crested cormorant colony Southern Mark.
 Adult eagle, center, and mostly fledgling herring gulls,  
 despite total failure of the cormorants, the gulls seem to have done fairly well here this year, there were scores of fledglings.

 I am afraid that those dried up plans behind the eagle are bull thislte, launching legions of potential spiny vegetation into the biosphere.  this is not good.
 Passing between Isle au Haut & Kimball Isle,  east to west
Isle au Haut passage.

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