Tuesday, November 27, 2018

August 21, two trips to Seal Island

August 21, two trips to Seal Island

 molting male harlequin duck at little Robert's, a rare plumage for Maine as they usually are up north for molting.
 Black-backs and gannets, and see the fin?
 White-sided Dolphins!
 I have very seldom see  them inside of Seal Island,
 Plunging Gannet, Brimstone beyond.

 adult and fledgling common tern.
the young tern suggesting another fish would be nice.
 Star Fisher came along and told us there was a seal up a tree.
 as unlikely as that would seem, it turns out that the report was quite accurate
 someone could win a bet with a photo such as this
 Seal in tree, Star Fisher, and Seal Island, I've seen more seals in trees just southwest of Seal Island than I have anywhere else.
 adult gannet
 those gannets do dive deep

 quite a lot of this during late August.
 And Greater shearwaters
Minnamurra heading in Saddleback beyond

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