Friday, February 8, 2019

Aug 25, 27,29, 30, trips to Seal Island, just a few, posted feb 8

Aug 25,  27, 29, 30, trips to Seal Island, just a few,

 Slim Jaegar flying away
 Two Sooty and a greater shearwater
 Aug 27, Puffins still feeding at Seal Island

 there were quite a few sunfish out there in August

 Aug 29, Seal Island.
 Grey seals back side of Seal Island.
 some great cormorants, including white breasted fledgling, and a gannet again visiting the western head of Seal Island,  maybe a double-crested too with wings extended, aug 30

Double-crested cormorants, a gannet and and fledgling and adult Great Cormorant, mid southern shore Seal island.

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