Thursday, February 6, 2020

August 4, afternoon trip to Vinalhaven Seal Island, Tropicbird lumpfish

August 4, afternoon trip to Vinalhaven Seal Island

Adult gannet

young tern

short legged arctic terns roosting in the eastern bite

young great cormorants

if the cormorants get stirred up the gulls try to raise the panic level and get the young cormorants to puke up a bite.

Cormorant colony, upper left double-crested, lower right great cormorants.

husk of lumpfish cleaned by grey seal

the mighty Tropical.

Red-Billed Tropicbird, Aug 4, 2019 Vinalhaven Seal Island

adult and fledgling razorbill

puffin chick grubbing?

El SeƱor Tropical with short tail

young common tern

as I sit here Feb 5, I am hoping the old bird is well and having a nice winter, all the best amigo mio

Courting one of Troy's buoys

Vinalhaven harbor from the ferry, Aug 4

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