Friday, April 16, 2021

some photos late June through July 2020,

black back overlooking raft of eider hens and ducklings
June 26, fledgling Razorbill and adult

two great Cormorant with double-crested Seal Island

Red-billed Tropicbird at Seal island

Red-billed Tropicbird, at Seal Island
nestling Bald Eagle at Otter Island.
Herring gull and shadow, Seal Island
Greater Shearwater 
Grey Seals,  
heading out towards Seal Island, Vinalhaven behind
the sea side of Seal Island.
The mighty Gweeka
Grey Seals
Peregrine Falcon, Seal Island

Puffins passing occupied blind on Seal Island

black guillemots, 
Fish, ponies we believe

young peregrine, pursued by terns
Steve and Kachina
Puffin with a load of fish
Vinalhaven Harbor
Eaglet Otter Island
Two terns two Jaegars
Cory's shearwater
Calm in the western bay, mt Magunticook beyond.
Great Cormorant nests, nestlings,
Sunfish, Pez Luna, swimming head

Fledgling tern in Vinalhaven harbor

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