Wednesday, July 25, 2018

july 17 birdbath, July 19 2 trips to Seal

July 17 birdbath, July 19 2 trips to Seal

black-throated Green bathing while fledgling myrtle waits
three fledgling myrtle warblers

July 19th am trip to Seal Island.

 dead black-backed gull, shot and head put on pike, for eating tern chicks, predator elimination is still relevant,  we hear a lot about "innovative techniques for seabird restoration" from National Audubon, but as Stella Walsh said when asked what do you mean when you say seabird restoration?... "killing gulls"
 Black Guillemot
 Razorbill, Puffin, Murre, Murre Cove, Seal Island
 Great Cormorant chicks and adult still attending, Seal Island
 Imm eagle Otter Island,
 Taza, Lanes Nubble ledge.

July 19 pm trip to Seal Island,
 Arctic tern

 Red-billed Trpoicbird

 Eiders, double crested Cormorant, and a Great Cormorant.

 Arctic Tern, over Seal Island
Arctic tern

 young gannet, taking off through greater shearwaters
Saddleback, Blue Hill,

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