Wednesday, July 4, 2018

late June July 1,2 &3, tropicbird, King Eider, black swallowtail, and more.

late June July 1,2 &3,  tropicbird, King Eider, black swallowtail, and more.

 Harlequins, and hen eider at Little Brimstone

 Arctic tern, Seal Island
 Lots of Ducklings, Seal Island
 Lots of Puffins ashore at Seal Island
Common Tern Headed for Seal Island, with some seafood.
 Head Ache, with load, off Lanes Nubble
Evening Call,  in the reach

 great Cormorant nests with chicks, from SW cove, Seal Island, July 1
 Great Cormorant Colony at Seal Island,  July 1
 great and Double crested cormorant nests.
young male King Eider, July 1 Seal Island

 King eider with common eider hens

 King Eider with common eider hens and ducklings,  make of ducklings to soon to tell.
 Young King, common hens
 Speaking of Kings, this elegant fowl was seen drifting.

Red-billed Tropicbird, and research crew seal Island, July 1.

 this bird is full of charactor
 this bird has shed a tail feather in the bay someplace so keep an eye out for it, while beachcombing
 speaking of beachcombing, balck Swallow tail in purple Vetch. july 2, Green's

 July 3 Seal Island,  Puffins and Razorbills
First Razorbill chick of the year July 3d east of Otter Island.

 Parula at the bath
 thinking of old sam
 black and green warbler,

there were Magnolia, Myrtle, black-throated green, 2nd year redstart male and parula in and out in just a couple of minutes, some interaction between,  they all get out of the bath for the big sparrow but not so willingly with each other.

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