Sunday, January 26, 2020

July 13, eagle over Little Roberts Island,

posted January 26,

Greetings from Vinalhaven,

some old news here, as usual, more photos than caption.

The aim is to justify my camera time and to make you interested in heading to Vinalhaven to catch a ride around aboard my boat Skua, maybe to Seal Island, where many of these photos were taken at or on the way to.

Or maybe around Isle au Haut,

Aloha y bueno suerte

Some interesting photos I hope there is a lot going on out there.

We had some days out on the water this summer
yes I got a bit blogged down so I have some up catching to do.

I will catchup, coming soon Aug 1, 2019, "The Day Of the Sunfish"

July 13, 2019  afternoon trip to Seal.

An adult Eagle over Little Roberts Island

the Double Crested Cormorants there flush and whorl, staying together an in the air, the tip of little Roberts and Otter Island beyond

gulls pursuing adult eagle, you can see the empty cormorant nests and a gull still not flushed who's attention may be on the empty cormorant nests.

some of the cormorants sweep by as the eagle passes over.

getting close to Seal island you start to see Puffins

and Razorbills.

Puffins and Razorbill ashore on Seal island.

Red-necked Phalerope in the bay on the way in

Red-Necked Phalerope

Passing Little Roberts on the way in, still stirred up and many cormorant nests unattended
Immature eagle keeping the birds stirred up on Little Roberts

Cormorants settling in after the gulls are already there.

Immature Great cormorant right and pale breasted immature DC cormorant left

Valerian stand on Roberts Island.

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