Sunday, January 26, 2020

July 30, gannets, Tropicbird..

July 30th, to Vinalhaven Seal Island, NWR

We watched as this throng of gannets coalesced in the bay, after several started circling dozens soon appeared.

they were not far off and the light was good.

Gannets are big and they have some momentum when they hit the water

The splash they make can appear to like the spout of a whale

The decision about when they intentionally stall in flight and commit to the dive is based on a variety of factors, this indicates that,  gannets are good at math.

committed, on the way down

wings folded back and legs tucked in for splashdown.

Some terns flush of the shore below the blind on the edge of the colony above the eastern bite.

Alex and Noah backside of Seal Island

This day the Tropicbird was out and around,

Our dear friend here had smashed into a pole, the researchers had erected in hopes of attracting land birds, as there are no trees on Seal Island, after which it found flopping on the ground was carried back to its cavern in a blanket,  later it was seen to have left the cavern, anyway after 4 or 5 days of not being seen it showed up again all well, though having shed its second long feather, and looking as if it had had a trim.  A potentially deadly crash seems to have not set him back. let's hope that he is more careful to watch where he's going in future.

still courting pot buoys

he is not loyal to one color but he is fond of Steve's.

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