Wednesday, June 26, 2019

June 19-23, tropic bird harlequin, orange hawkweed, new heronry in the region

June 19-23,

From my birdbath series
heron on platform,

a new heron colony in the area
one crouched on platform behind the spruce tree in the middle
the great blue

it was a Bit squally

Heron neck
the sacred orange hawkweed

Sunday June 23 trip to Seal Island

picked up this hitchhicker on the way to Seal Island
We saw the famous tropicbird of Seal Island

he put on a good show
there you can see the Seal Island sign,
and the Seal Island camp
there were plenty of puffins

a there alcid shot the murre being a bit pale in the cheek for this season

Immature great Cormorant at little Brimstone
two male harlequin,
two male harlequin ducks little brimstone June 23
eagles at Otter Island

we were followed in by this hungry gull
rainbow over lanes Island

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