Friday, June 28, 2019

June 27, Eagles competing for prime bird island foraging territory, Gannets and Wilsons Petrels in the bay

Eagles competing for prime bird island foraging territory,

I saw a couple of manx shearwater and lots of Murre at Matinicus Rock, but it was a bit dark and foggy.

I went by the ball there was much taking place 

here is an eagle in the cormorant colony some cormorant nests have been abandoned others have not.
a herring gull repeatedly stooping on the eagle in the cormorant colony
the eagle was preoccupied and there was at least one eagle heard screeching,
herring gull again trying to drive this eagle off, some cormorant standing firm,
Some double-crested cormorant in the water having been scared off their nests by the eagle 
the eagle mid right takes off pursuing a second eagle
bald eagle
Eagle chasing eagle,

Eagle chasing eagle, and two black-backed gulls 

 there was a prolonged pursuit that lasted over a minute and finally the chased bird sailed away leaving the island and its delicious gulls and eiders and cormorants to the other
lots of Grey seals around the island
the victorious eagle sailed around over the island for a bit, terrorizing the gulls and cormorants, here several cormorants flush off their nests as the caos of gulls indicate the eagle is approaching their zone, some cormorant held tight and did not abandon their nests throughout
with all these gulls around unprotected cormorant eggs would be quickly vulnerable

there was a family gang of ravens on the island as well, racous fledglings enjoying their first summer on the islands

there were more gannets in the bay again after being fairly scarce for a few weeks
the bay had a nice  rich fishy smell
there were lots of Wilsons Petrels in the bay to for the first time this season.

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