Wednesday, June 19, 2019

June 7, 8, 2019, Jericho bay, Seal Island

June 7, trip to Jericho Bay,
June 8, to Seal island.


Eastern Cow Pen, crowned with debris and Ealges, sometimes Comm terns nest on this one, not this year
Great Cormorants at Brimstone Ledge,

I counted 8 nests, about the same as last year, there were no other Great cormorant nests found during this survey of the sites where they have nested since there re-colonization of the area which happened about 1980.  The only other known nesting site for this species in the Gulf of Maine is at Seal Island NWR, where there were 22 nests counted this year down form 32 nests counted last year. There were 260 great Cormorant nests counted in the area in 1992.


Hockamock headlight,

We found common terns nesting At Great Spoon, Dry Money Ledge and at Three Bush Is.

looking towards Mount desert Island from Great Spoon

there was a mob of Gulls and terns near Seal Island


                                 this is what they were feeding on

looks like Krill

At Seal there are Puffin, Razorbills Eider

this day there were loads of Puffins ashore, all over the island.
the research Crew, in Razorbill zone Western head

another less than half decent pic of the elegant Male King eider at Seal Island, rumor has it there is a Queen eider at Matinicus Rock June 17,

a couple of Male harlequin at Brimstone, they seem to have decided to forgo the trip to Labrador again.

Fledgling robin on Green's Island

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